Registration Requests for


Community Membership + Classes


Class Only

will be taken

December 8 through December 12

1. Request   -   2. Allocate   -   3. Confirm

Please familiarize yourself with the 3 step process

prior to completing the form.

1.  ​You Request

  • Complete the Winter 2020 Registration and Class Request form REGISTER HERE between December 8 - 12. 

  • For each class you will have the ability to pick a 1st and 2nd choice. If the 1st and 2nd choices are not available, you may elect to either:

    • take Real Recess

    • have us contact you

    • or you may choose to leave campus that session.

  • You will automatically be waitlisted for your first choice class if it is not available.

  • You will receive an invoice via email soon following your registration to the address you list on your form. Payment by PayPal or credit card is due within 24 hours of sending. If we do not receive your payment on time, your classes will be cancelled and offered to those on the waitlist.

2.  We Allocate

  • Class requests will be allocated based on membership level, not first come first served.

1.    Leadership

2.    Facilitator

3.    Priority Registration

4.    Level Up Registration (current community members only)

5.    Current Community Members

6.    New Community Members

7.    Class Only non-members

  • You will automatically be waitlisted for your first-choice class if it is not available.

  • We will inform you which classes your learner(s) have been placed in by email and/or phone shortly after December 12. 

3.  You Confirm

  • You have 24 hours after being notified of class confirmations or other class options to complete payment for classes. Once we receive your payment you are confirmed!


The cancellation policy:

  • No refund