Current & Past Members Share their Thoughts

When I was homeschooled in the nineties, my mom and I tried countless times to find a co-op where we could fit in. Homschooling was newly legal when we started and those that organized the local co-ops had very different ideas on the subject. We inevitably gave up trying after many failed attempts.


In my high school years, volunteering in my community filled the social gaps. 


As an adult, I dreaded the thought of homeschooling because I didn't want to deal with the rollercoaster of drama and isolation I felt growing up. I thought if I joined a co-op, I would have to deal with women who fight all the time. If I didn't join a co-op, my children would be terribly lonely and socially awkward. 


When I found West Texas Homeschool Co-op I never imaged that a wonderful and accepting community, that is governed by kindess and integrity, existed. That families from all walks of life would be able to collaborate and cooperate to provide excellent educational opportunities for our children. That our children would have the chance to explore their world and be encouraged to find their purpose. 


I am eternally grateful for all of the amazing experiences we have had and all of the things we have learned. 


Janine Deckard, DTM

Mother of three, 17, 13 and 6

The adequate words do not exist to describe the wonderful community this homeschool coop has given us. Moving from Colorado to Midland has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. I never thought I would have said that when we were making the transition here only a few months ago. Before we came, homeschooling was never even a consideration for us. But circumstances led us down this path, and I cannot believe the blessings that have turned up. The community is more than I ever could have asked for. My daughter and I have found more friends and support than we ever could have imagined. To the director and leaders of this coop- Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for offering this to all of us! 
Meagan & Evie

"This right here is why our co-op is so incredibly valuable to me. When we first moved here and I was looking for a group for our family, I came across several that were so restrictive, not inclusive, and frankly not very welcoming at all. I was worried that we wouldn’t find our community.... and then I found WTHC.

WTHC says they welcome EVERYONE and they have proven that time and again. Everyone is welcome, everyone is respected, everyone is loved. It’s an unbelievably beautiful community of people that has been a giant blessing in our lives. I’ve met some of my very closest friends here in West Texas at the co-op and I couldn’t be more grateful for that."


D. Putzel

"Today we had orientation at Co-op. I’m so excited and sad at the same time. This co-op went from meeting in the extension build in Midland with two meeting rooms. One was the barn and the other more like a meeting room. Today we have multiple classrooms where there are way too many classes to choose from. It was so hard to narrow down what classes we’d be taking. Animal Dissection, Sing!, Artistic Science, Spanish, Sewing, and more. It makes me so happy to have made the choice to homeschool. I remember second guessing myself and crying because I felt Ava would be missing out on the typical school experience. I enjoy watching my kiddos learn at home or on the go. I love watching them play with the friends they’ve made. I am grateful for the friends and families we’ve met at co-op. I’m also very excited for all of the excursions the parents of co-op put together. It is truly the best decision we’ve made for our family. It is such a blessing to belong to this community."
K. Daigle
"Orientation at West Texas Homeschool Co-op was amazing to see how many new families we have now! When I joined last March there was less than half the current amount of families. It has grown so fast and we are able to offer so much more now. It’s amazing! I am teaching 2 more classes this term and the kids had a full array of classes to choose from, so many that they had a hard time choosing. Fun things like singing, artistic science, Spanish, sewing, business building, improv, dissection, animal anatomy.. the list goes on. They are learning and having so much fun at the same time. It’s not school, it’s learning in a cooperative environment with kids of all ages. I’m so so glad we found such an amazing homeschooling community to join that is inclusive and welcoming and accepting of ALL types of families. I just love it. If we ever move away, I will miss this group so so much. The kids and I have made awesome friendships through this group too, and that is absolutely priceless ❤️"
D. Putzel
"I never in my wildest wildest dreams thought homeschooling would ever work for us! I took the plunge and cannot even imagine going back now.. Ellis got a GREAT foundation at Trinity School Of Midland that I will always be grateful for, but I really wanted him to settle down and focus on the things he enjoyed the most that could transition into a career the nontraditional way, while keeping up with requirements should he decide to go to college and get a standard secondary education. 

West Texas Homeschool Co-op was our choice for social activities and enrichment classes. I would like to say that I thoroughly vetted the homeschool but I did not, I just believe I was LED there through a friend, (Jennifer Weston) and thank the Universe for doing that! Libby Landry has a vision of inclusivity that will never waiver, this is very important to my values, as every person on earth has a contribution to make no matter their race, disability, religion, philosophy, learning style or gender. We have a teen group (bless you Dee Dee Caputo), we have our own yearbook, we have a photographer, we have a student council President (yay Madison Caputo) we have a talent show, we have respect for each other, every kid at the co-op is unique in their own way, it is literally amazing the creativity, curiosity, and intelligence ! The classes range from many different forms of art to political music, to what’s in our food supply (my class😉) to sewing, singing, music, Spanish, Social Justice , Gavel Club which is a real sanctioned Toastmasters group, ( hank you Janine M. Deckard) a Destination Imagination Team. (Thanks Heddy Herron

Our kids DESIGNED and built the butterfly garden at Sibley Nature Center. 

Wow! The choices AND opportunities are incredible! 

We found our people! 

Ellis loves this group of teens and so do I! Thankyou West Texas Homeschool Co op and to all the leadership( Janet BarrowTaryn SniderJaneen Guynn , Dee Dee Caputo) that help it run smoothly and Libby Landry, for your vision and courage for starting this amazing group !"
H. Franks
WTHS co-op was the best thing that happened to us in Midland. We were very lucky to move to Midland right when the co-op began and we had 3.5 wonderful years of attendance. We’ve recently moved and greatly miss our homeschool home. The group is the most open and loving group!  We immediately felt comfortable and we made the best friends!  We love all the learning experiences offered and tons of social aspects also.  WTHS co-op made Midland home for us! 
J. Smith