Two Ways to Participate:

Community Membership

- OR -

Class Only

Community Membership allows everyone in your household access to all of our on and off campus classes, activities, out of town field trips, and members-only social media, distance learning and anything else we might add to our offerings. There are opportunities to volunteer, receive rebates on memberships, priority class registration and more. It's the program we've offered since 2015. More about it...
Class Only is a brand new option this year. Choose to participate in classes on campus without membership. This option is more affordable for those whose interest is only a class or two without access to any of the other opportunities we offer. More about it...

Community Membership

- $118 per term, per household

- access to all of our classes & activities at members pricing, including free classes

- members only social media

- opportunity to volunteer

- end of day cleanup

Community Membership offers all members of the household access to all of our classes and activities, including out-of-town field trips, special events, members-only social media, distance learning programs and more.

Community members pay a membership fee each term (one fee for the household, not per child) plus the discounted Community Member cost of the classes and activities they choose to participate in. Late registration (after March 9) is $190.

Community members may volunteer during the term and use those points to receive priority registration for classes the following term, a rebate or donate the value to our scholarship fund. More about it...

Community members participate in cleaning up our campus at the end of their day with us each week they attend.

Class Only

 - no membership fee

- access to campus classes at $65/$105 each

- no volunteer opportunities

- no end of day cleanup 

Class Only is a less expensive option for taking one or two classes. There is NO membership fee, just the cost of the class itself, $65 per class per on Tuesday or $65/$105 on Thursday for the term. Late class registration (after March 9)  is $95 on Tuesday or $95/$135 on Thursday.
Class Only does not offer access to any of the other opportunities we provide our members, including off campus classes, activities, field trips, etc. There is also no obligation to participate in our clean up duties at the end of the day.
Class Only registration requests are open at the same time as Community Membership registration and are allocated according to availability following Community Membership class requests. 


Safe, smooth operation is a direct result of the work volunteers do to monitor the playground and hallways, assist facilitators in a class, set up and clean up classrooms, offer hospitality and more.


If you are looking for a financial discount for the current term or priority registration for the following term, this is the option for you. You may also choose to donate your points to the scholarship fund to help others.

Volunteer duties will be available for sign up soon after registration.