Registration for Membership and Class Requests

will be taken

8:00 am August 4 through 5:00 pm August 9


If the button doesn't work click this link:


1. Request   -   2. Allocate   -   3. Confirm

Please familiarize yourself with the 3 step process

prior to completing the form

including the tutorial video!


1.  ​Request

  • Complete the Fall 2019 Registration and Class Request form August 4-9.

  • You will have the option of selecting a first- and second-choice class for each session on campus. 

  • You will pay your membership fee online when you complete the form, either by credit card or PayPal.

2.  Allocate

  • Class requests will be allocated based on membership level, not first come first served.

1.    Leadership

2.    Facilitator

3.    Priority Registration

4.    Level Up Registration (1+ years consecutive membership + $72)

5.    Current (Spring Term) Members

6.    Summer Real Recess Members

7.    New Members​

  • You will automatically be waitlisted for your first-choice class if it is not available.


3.  Confirm

  • We will inform you which classes your learner(s) have been placed in by email and/or phone between August 11 and August 16. 

  • You have 24 hours after being notified to complete payment for classes. If payment is not completed, you will lose your spot without the opportunity for refund. It is extremely important that you check your email frequently during the request period as we will not be responsible if you miss your payment deadline. ​

If we CANNOT allocate all of your first- or second-class requests:

  • If there is no availability in one or more of your first or second choice class requests, we will call or email you to see how you would like to proceed. You will be given the option of another class if available or cancelling your membership and other class requests for a full refund. You have 24 hours to respond or your membership and all class requests will automatically be cancelled and refunded.

  • ​If you proceed with an alternate class choice you will move into the CONFIRM step described above.​

Let's be clear on the cancellation policy so everyone has a smile through the process.

  • If you are placed in all of your first or second choice classes and do not pay your balance within 24 hours of notice, everything will be cancelled without refund.

  • If you are not allocated in all of your first or second choice classes and do not wish to proceed with any classes, or you do not respond within 24 hours of notice, everything will be cancelled with full refund.

  • Refunds are only given if we are unable to fill all your first- or second-class choices according to your requests on the membership form.