Plus rebates up to $68 for non-compulsory volunteering means

You control what you pay!


How Does It Work?

Participation in one or all of the Co-op activities requires a current membership. Membership allows anyone living in the household to participate in their choice of activities, so that’s one Membership per household, not per child.


Membership is offered on a per-term basis and must be renewed each term to participate. There are 3 terms per year, see calendar. This accommodates the varying activities your family may be involved in over the course of a year and gives you the flexibility to choose different participation levels each term. 


Membership Levels & Membership Costs


Every Member has the choice to volunteer if they wish. We have several levels of volunteer service available and each comes with its own combination of responsibilities, financial discounts and/or priority registration. 


Non-Volunteer Member - Pays $118. This member chooses to participate in the Co-op without volunteering for any duties. They are full members, supporting the Co-op through their full financial contribution membership fee of $118. Though they do not sign up for volunteer duties on campus they are still required to participate in end of day campus clean up.

Volunteer - Pays $118 with rebates up to $48 at term end. Safety, smooth operation and happy members are a direct result of the work volunteers do to monitor the playground and hallways, assist facilitators in a class, set up and clean up classrooms, offer hospitality and more. If you are looking for a financial discount for the current term or priority registration for a future term, this is the option for you.

  • Volunteers earn points that can be turned in at the end of the term for rebates up to $48 , or they can donate them to our Scholarship Fund for others to use.

  • If 24 or more points are earned during the term (typical points for one duty each week), you can choose to take the Volunteer Priority registration INSTEAD of the rebate for the following term.


Volunteer duties will be available for sign up soon after membership registration. Many duties will be offered on a sign up basis for the whole 8 week term and some will  be offered on a weekly basis.

Babysitter, Substitutes for Facilitators and Babysitters - Pays $118 with rebates up to $48 at term end OR choose priority registration instead of rebates. The Babysitter will watch the child of a facilitator for one hour to allow that person to teach class. This is a commitment for the 8 week term and is obviously very important. If we do not have a babysitter, the class cannot take place! One or two substitutes for these positions are typically offered. When you sign up for this duty you agree to be available to substitute any time you are asked to do so. If you prefer priority registration please contact to receive password credentials in advance.


Facilitator - Pay $30 and one child may attend your class or a concurrent class free of charge. Those who wish to share something they are passionate about or share their inherent gift of teaching/guiding/mentoring, are asked to please do so!  In most cases, facilitators must be members of WTHS Co-op for one or more terms before qualifying for this position. Exceptions may be made for those who are already familiar with working in a self-directed learning environment. Facilitators can be anyone - experienced teachers or those who have never led a class, adults and kids alike! We can provide you with support and direction if you would like to step into this role. 

Leadership - Members of the Leadership team have a vested interest in contributing to the success of WTHS Co-op and its families. This person has typically been an active part of our Community for one or more years before joining the Leadership Team. They commit to providing their time and talents in any way that is needed for the calendar year and beyond, whilst supporting the foundation principals and core values of our community.


Obligations as a Member

Cleaning up at the end of your day on campus is a responsibility that all members except Leaders and Facilitators participate in. We are a community of individual families coming together with a shared desire to provide a safe, loving and respectful environment for our children to grow and learn. Part of our obligation to our campus facility is to leave the facility in clean condition after use. We also believe this is an important teaching tool for our children, that as they see us taking care of our facility they will come to learn and understand more about responsibility and respect. You will sign up for your clean up duty time slot when you register for classes.​  

When and How Do I Register and Pay for Spring Term 2019?

Spring Term classes will be published the week of February 18th.  At that time an online form will be available for you to complete with the classes you are interested in registering for. We will begin contacting you, based on the order the forms are received, March 7th at 10:00 am. Registration will close March 10 at 3:00 pm or when all classes are sold out.

What Else Does My Membership Include?

We do A LOT more activities during the term than we list in the Class Catalog! Our field trips, both in town and out of town, are typically planned within the term by our members. We also have socials that are planned by members or our Learner Council, as well as pop-up workshops. Our members develop relationships within our community and there's no shortage of play-dates and parties that happen for all ages.

We have created a private Facebook page for current members that's very active. It's a place where we ask questions, plan activities, share resources and ideas, and celebrate accomplishments. It's wonderful to find out you have things in common with someone else in the community and make a new friend!

The Teen Cohort is designed to meet the social needs of our learners ages 13+. This segment of our community creates their own social calendar with a variety of activities outside of the Co-op class day. on campus, they are often involved in Learner Council, yearbook, community service projects, and mentoring younger learners. Fierce friendships and camaraderie develop within our community, and it's wonderful to see these kids express themselves, learn from each other and to grow into the person they desire to be within our safe space.



Thanks to donor families we have scholarships available to learners who are sincerely interested in a particular activity but unable to participate without funding. This need-based assistance is offered in the following way:

  • The family must be at a Volunteer Member or Facilitator Member level, and remain in good standing by fulfilling their duties in a responsible manner.

  • Notify the Director before signing up for Membership with the name of the class(es) and learner(s) that wish to attend on scholarship.

  • Scholarships are granted on a first come-first served basis.

  • WTHS Co-op reserves the right to revoke a scholarship and receive payment for the activities if the family is not fulfilling their volunteer or facilitator duties or has an unpaid balance after the due date.

  • All donations and requests for scholarships will be kept confidential between the requester and Director.

Many Thanks!!

Becoming A Facilitator
WTHS Co-op classes, workshops, field trips and social opportunities are led by volunteer parents, and/or youth volunteers. A passion for the subject matter is a high priority for consideration. Our success will depend greatly upon families stepping up as volunteers and creating exciting opportunities for their learners and others. We desire to create a completely choice-based homeschooling model with more than one class in every age range available concurrently, therefore we need you! Class proposals may be submitted by the prospective volunteer here. Facilitators also receive additional benefits including:
  • One of your children may participate in your activity or a concurrent activity for no charge.

  • Dedicated volunteer member to watch your under 5-year-old child in the nursery during your class.

  • Priority registration for all classes.

  • Discounted Membership fee.

If you have any questions or want to discuss possible classes, feel free to contact Janeen Guynn


Can I be waitlisted for a class?


Most activities have space for a limited number of learners and they fill quickly. In the event an activity you want is full, please send us an email to sign up on a waitlist. We will advise you in the event space for your learner becomes available.

Are you religiously based?
We do not restrict our membership to any religious affiliation. Our function is to support, serve and enhance the lives of homeschooling families.
Among our core principles is valuing the unique identity of every individual. We are inherently inclusive and model respect through support of the individual and their choices.

What about refunds?

We have a no refund policy for membership and classes. The cost you pay for a class reflects the actual cost of materials and supplies with little, if any, additional for incidental fees that may occur. Once you sign up for an class we purchase materials and supplies based on that commitment.


Testing, Grades and Grade Levels

Our activities are offered in multiple and mixed age ranges for school aged children. In general, age ranges for activities are guidelines and are flexible. Age range flexibility is noted on the class description. There is no testing, grading or credit.

Under School-Aged Membership

Our activities, and therefore our membership, is geared toward families with at least one school aged child. We welcome families with multiple aged siblings, including toddlers and babies. When we are off campus there are sometimes activities for younger siblings, but wherever we are the whole family is welcome!

We do allow a limited number of Memberships for families who have made a decision to homeschool and have only younger children. We do this to help provide community for those families who are looking for like-minded folks because we know first hand that finding other homeschooling families in this age range is a challenge! This is available only to those families who are committed to a homeschooling life, and after a personal interview these families are welcome to become a part of the community with full access to our campus, park days and social activities, and anywhere we gather as a group. If this is your family's situation please contact Libby Landry to discuss possible membership.