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MEMBERSHIP $50 - $118

Non-compulsory volunteering allows you to control what you pay!


How Does It Work?

Points are earned for every volunteer duty you sign up for and complete. Pick and choose, mix and match as few or as many times as you like, in various duties throughout the term, accumulating points. At the end of the term your points are totaled and translated into dollars (1 point = $1.00) and rebated back to you within 7 days. Different duties have different point values and are outlined below. You can accumulate up to 48 points for the term with this mix and match duties and days method for a Membership fee ranging from $70 - $116 depending on your total points.

2 Point Duties

  • Real Recess Set up/Assist/Clean Up – 9:30 - 10:30, 3 volunteers each Tuesday

  • Concurrent Class Set Up/Assist/Clean Up - 10:30 am – 11:30 am, 2 volunteers each Tuesday (Messy Art, Experimenters)

  • Concurrent Class Set Up/Assist/Clean Up - 11:30 am – 12:30 pm, 2 volunteers each Tuesday (Tea Time, Theme Park Design)

  • CEP Workshop Set Up/Assist/Clean Up – 1:00 pm – 1:30 pm, Tuesday as needed

  • Hall Monitor - 9:30 am – 10:30 am, 1 volunteer each Tuesday

  • Hall Monitor - 10:30 am – 11:20 am, 1 volunteer each Tuesday

  • Hall Monitor – 11:30 am -12:20 pm, 1 volunteer each Tuesday

  • Hall Monitor – 1:00 pm – 1:30 pm, 1 volunteer each Tuesday

  • Lunch Crew - Set up tables & chairs prior to 11:30 am,  clean & take down after 1:00 pm, 2 volunteers each Tuesday

  • Substitute Facilitator for Concurrent Class, Tuesday as needed

  • Thursday Off Campus Sign In/Assist – 10:30 am - 12:00 pm or 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm, 1 volunteer each Thursday

  • Substitute for any of these duties, as needed

3 Point Duties      

  • CEP Workshop “Spontaneous” Facilitator* – 1:00 pm – 1:30 pm, Tuesday as needed

*Find an activity to present, get approval from Programs & Classes Leader – Janeen Guynn, and make it happen! CEP Workshops accepted for approval up to 10:00 am same day. Points apply for adult led workshops only. Learners may present a workshop at any time without point accrual.


4 Point Duties          

  • Substitute Babysitter for Facilitator’s Child in Nursery – 10:30 am – 11:30 am or 11:30 am – 12:30 pm, Tuesday as needed

  • Substitute Babysitter for Facilitator Child at Park 10:00 am - 10:30 am, Wednesday as needed

5 Point Duties          

  • Babysitter for Facilitator’s Child in Nursery – 10:30 am – 11:30 am – 2 volunteers each Tuesday (Guynn and Deckard)

  • Babysitter for Facilitator’s Child in Nursery – 11:30 am – 12:30 pm –  1 volunteer each Tuesday (Guynn)       

  • Babysitter for Facilitator’s Child at Park – 10:00 am – 10:30 am –  1 volunteer each Wednesday (Guynn)          


Fine Print:

  • If you are unable to make your duty or you will be tardy, please use one of the resources  provided to find a substitute, and inform the Campus Experience Leader as soon as you know, but no later than 2 hours before your scheduled duty. 

  • To receive points you must show up on time and check in with the Campus Experience Leader for point approval (15 minutes in advance in all cases except Hall Monitor which is 5 minutes, and CEP Workshop “Spontaneous” Facilitator which is 10:00 am so the workshop can be listed for sign up).

  • If you wish to be on the Substitute List you may sign up for advance notifications, and also check in with the Campus Experience Leader the day of for last minute vacancies.

  • Points accumulated over 48 can not be rebated for cash, though the extra help is always appreciated.

  • WTHS Co-op reserves the right to offer bonus points at their discretion.

  • Due to volunteer tardiness and absences in previous terms, we are no longer able to give the discount in advance. It must be earned first.


When Can I Register?

General Registration for Fall 2017 is closed. If you wish to join late, please send us an email with the classes you are interested in attending and we will contact you right away.

Winter Registration will open in December. Priority registration is available for those who are Fall Term members. If you want to get first choice of our classes, please email us to join for Fall 2017.

When Can I Pay?

Registration for membership and classes is done on one form and payment is required at the time of registration. We offer two payment options.

  • One time payment of full membership fee and classes.

  • Split Payment Option of half the membership fee and class fees at time of registration, with the remaining half membership at a later date. Note: You will receive an invoice via email for the balance. If you do not pay the balance by the deadline, your classes will be cancelled and membership forfeited without refund.




What do fees cover?

Fees are paid on a per-term basis to accommodate the varying activities your family may be involved in over the course of a year, so you may choose different participation levels each term. Some classes have small material fees in addition to membership fees to cover the cost of consumable items your learner uses.

Participation in one or all of the Co-op activities, whether there is a material fee for the class or it's a free activity, requires a current membership. Membership allows anyone living in the household to participate in their choice of activities. Every child in the family needs to be listed on your Family Membership in order for them to participate in activities, regardless of age.

What if I can't make one of my scheduled duties?
Life happens. We're flexible and provide ways for you to find a substitute to cover your duty. You may also use our private members only Facebook group to find someone to help you out, so even if you are new to our community you have a resource to turn to. You will also need to let the Campus Experience Leader know of this change 24 hours in advance if at all possible. 


We have a no refund policy for membership and classes. The cost you pay for a class reflects the actual cost of materials and supplies with little, if any, additional for incidental fees that may occur. Once you sign up for an class we purchase materials and supplies based on that commitment.

Becoming A Facilitator
WTHS Co-op classes, workshops, field trips and social opportunities are led by volunteer parents, and/or youth volunteers. A passion for the subject matter is a high priority for consideration. Our success will depend greatly upon families stepping up as volunteers and creating exciting opportunities for their learners and others. We desire to create a completely choice-based homeschooling model with more than one class in every age range available concurrently, therefore we need you! Class proposals may be submitted by the prospective volunteer here. Facilitators also receive additional benefits including:
  • One of your children may participate in your activity or a concurrent activity for no charge.

  • Dedicated volunteer member to watch your under 5-year-old child in the nursery during your class.

  • First priority registration for all classes.

  • Discounted Membership fee.

If you have any questions or want to discuss possible classes, feel free to contact Janeen Guynn


Thanks to donor families we have scholarships available to learners who are sincerely interested in a particular activity but unable to participate without funding. This need-based assistance is offered in the following way:

  • The family must be at a Volunteer Member or Facilitator Member level, and remain in good standing by fulfilling their duties in a responsible manner.

  • Notify the Director before signing up for Membership with the name of the class(es) and learner(s) that wish to attend on scholarship.

  • Scholarships are granted on a first come-first served basis.

  • WTHS Co-op reserves the right to revoke a scholarship and receive payment for the activities if the family is not fulfilling their volunteer or facilitator duties or has an unpaid balance after the due date.

  • All donations and requests for scholarships will be kept confidential between the requester and Director.

Many Thanks!!



Waitlisted Activities

Most activities have space for a limited number of learners and they fill quickly. In the event an activity you want is full, please send us an email to sign up on a waitlist. We will advise you in the event space for your learner becomes available.

Testing, Grades and Grade Levels

Our activities are offered in multiple and mixed age ranges for school aged children. In general, age ranges for activities are guidelines and are flexible. Age range flexibility is noted on the class description. There is no testing, grading or credit.

Under School-Aged Membership

Our activities, and therefore our membership, is geared toward families with at least one school aged child. We welcome families with multiple aged siblings, including toddlers and babies. Our campus has a large exciting nursery with lots of toys and room to play with others, while mom's watch them and visit. When we are off campus there are sometimes activities for younger siblings, but wherever we are the whole family is welcome!

We do allow a limited number of Memberships for families who have made a decision to homeschool and have only younger children. We do this to help provide community for those families who are looking for like-minded folks because we know first hand that finding other homeschooling families in this age range is a challenge! This is available only to those families who are committed to a homeschooling life, and after a personal interview these families are welcome to become a part of the community with full access to our campus nursery, park days and social activities, and anywhere we gather as a group. If this is your family's situation please contact Libby Landry to discuss possible membership.