Libby Landry is the Founder (2015) and Director of West Texas Homeschool Co-op. She brings the vision of this community from her experience working with and being a member of Village Home Educational Resource Center in Beaverton, Oregon, which is prominently featured in the 2015 documentary “Class Dismissed.” Being a strong supporter of inclusive, self-directed learning, and finding neither option when she arrived in Midland, she created the solution with West Texas Homeschool Co-op. Libby has an eclectic education, work, and religious/spiritual background which has given her a broad perspective and understanding of people. She enjoys using that experience to revolutionize the world around her in diverse ways. She is a student and mentor of Kabbalah, enjoys cooking and watching movies, and is certified in several modalities of Ayurveda.  She, her husband Tom, and daughter Avigail (a.k.a. Gilly) live an unschooling, and profoundly fulfilling life on a ranch north of Midland, where Libby is also the Ranch Foreman. She may be contacted at    

2018/2019 Leadership Team



Janet Barrow, Campus Experience Leader, began homeschooling her son in 2002. She spent over fifteen years in public education before choosing to be a full-time unschooling mom. Janet grew up in Odessa and continues to live there with her husband, Bryan, and daughter, Harley. Their grown son, Chris, lives close-by. Janet has been with the co-op since the fall of 2016 and loves the learner-directed educational opportunities that the co-op provides. Janet is an avid reader and artist. You can contact Janet at




Janeen Guynn, Programs and Classes Leader, taught in public schools for a decade before becoming a stay-at-home mom, and then an unschooling mom. She lives with her husband, two young daughters, and a family friend. She has been with WTHS Co-op since the Fall of 2016 and really enjoys the focus on self-directed learning and social interactions. Her biggest interests are outdoors, education, kids, and reading. When not reading about education, you can probably find her playing outdoors with kids. She can be contacted at


DeeDee Putzel is the ICYMI (In Case You Missed It!) Communications Leader. She and her husband have three children and she has been actively homeschooling them for 6 years. Homeschooling is more than just education for her family, it is a life philosophy that influences many parts of their lives. She has a strong belief in child-led education and delight directed learning. When her family moved to West Texas she spent some time seeking out a group that had a like-minded philosophy and was amazed to find WTHS Co-op, as it fit in with exactly what she wanted for an enrichment program for her children. WTHS Co-op has been a blessing for her family and she is fully committed to the success of the Co-op and eager to serve to continue that success. When not working on educational opportunities, she can be found reading, crocheting, browsing Pinterest, and drinking all the coffee. DeeDee can be reached at