Open Skies Learning Community now offering
aligned curriculum for
middle and high school aged learners!
Find out about our new partner in education, Triumph Collegiate Academy!A full course catalog and exclusive discounts are available for OSLC members.
We continue to grow and offer you more choices in education. Once you are outside of the box, it's nothing but Open Skies!
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at our home campus
this Fall!!
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Inclusive, choice-based learning for West Texas since 2015

Open Skies provides a foundation for life-long learning by offering engaging learning opportunities in an environment where kids are entrusted to be active agents and participants in their education.


Learners in our community choose their classes based on interest and age range. The result of non-compulsory education include increased self confidence, independence in decision making, enthusiasm to learn, and desire to go deep and master areas of study.


Our self-directed model is ideal for those who want to follow this path full time, those who are looking for enrichment classes for their traditional or classical homeschooler, and those in between.

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What really sets Open Skies apart as an innovator in alternative education?
  • We know kids are natural learners.
  • We are non-compulsory.
  • We believe in the authenticity of living life, and that living life and learning are not mutually exclusive but together create the synergy necessary for real education and fulfillment.
Read this interview to find out more about us.
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