With regard to manners and decorum, WTHS Co-op defines "campus" as any place we are gathered as a group, beyond the actual campus where we meet for member-led activities.

In every situation that WTHS Co-op holds an activity, event or field trip, it is expected that utmost courtesy and respect be given to the facilities and other individuals in the environment. We will often be meeting in public places and we ask that you discuss appropriate voice and noise levels, and activities prior to entering the building. It is an honor and privilege to represent the homeschooling community in our area and WTHS Co-op sets the benchmark regarding respect for others. 

We embrace varying levels of parent involvement with their learner and unless otherwise noted on the class description, it is up to the parent’s discretion if they choose to be in the activity with the learner or not. Parents are welcome to sit in with their learner, leave the room, or leave campus.


If the parent leaves campus a designated Parent on Duty (POD) will be the responsible party for the learner in the parent’s absence, and both learner and POD must be agreeable and informed of this arrangement. The name of the POD must be designated in writing on the daily sign in sheet. The safety of the learner is priority and if this protocol is violated it may result in a loss of membership for the family.

In honoring the uniqueness of the individual and their learning style, learners have the freedom to sit or stand or fidget as long as it is not disruptive to other learners. Unresolved disruptions will result in required parent presence during the activity or possible removal from class enrollment.

Please use your discretion about involvement with your learner in activities. The exception is when there is a note on the class description that parent assistance is needed with certain ages. You will need to attend with your child in that case, typically for safety reasons. That being said, one aspect of our "co-op-ness" is working together. Please be sensitive to the learning environment the facilitator is creating by helping to keep your learner engaged when necessary or allowing them to go to the Imagination Room or Lounge if they need a break.



Calvary Assembly of God, 908 Johnston St., Midland, TX 79701. Although we meet at a church facility, WTHS Co-op is not programmatically affiliated with this or any other religious organization.
Our home facility includes multiple classrooms, an indoor play structure for young learners, foosball, air hockey and pool table for the Teen Cohort, bright large nursery, full kitchen and dining area, and a paved outdoor area for games.



Community Room

Real Recess Room



The Nursery is available for parents and their children who are not old enough to participate in activities. It's a great place to allow younger children to play while you socialize with other parents. The Nursery is not staffed, so parents are responsible for their own child, and cleaning up before they leave.

Real Recess Room, Indoor Play Structure & Imagination Room

The Real Recess Room is a multi-use room for various classes and activities. We've always got great music playing and tons of board games and activities happening during the Real Recess class. The Play Structure is open during Real Recess. The Imagination Room is open the whole day and is stocked with items for arts and crafts.



Sibley Nature Center
1307 E. Wadley Ave. Midland, TX 79705
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Museum of the Southwest
& Blakemore Planetarium
1705 W. Missouri Ave. Midland, TX 79701
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