We Are Inclusive
Open Skies, LLC is an alternative education business located in the Permian Basin that exists primarily to offer homeschoolers in general and self-directed learners in particular an environment where their unique identity is recognized and respected regardless of their creed, kind or position. This means we are inclusive and embrace all kinds of people with love and respect.
There are other area groups for homeschoolers which are homogeneous in nature, whether that is by religious affiliation, curriculum selection, learning style or a combination thereof.
We are not them.
The members of our Community may be exactly like your family or like none you’ve ever met. As a member of Open Skies the one precept we expect all members to share is abiding by “The Golden Rule” and act respectfully towards each other.
We Are Non-Compulsory
Open Skies  provides opportunities for learning through play, exploration and being engaged with peers in activities of their choosing. We know that learning happens naturally when there is an interest in the subject matter. By providing hands-on dynamic activities that pique interest and inspire, learners dive into things of their own accord for pleasure, growth and as a means of satisfying curiosity. This is self-directed learning.
When it comes to core subjects, like all subjects, our fun approach allows learners to see the relevance and reason for learning, thereby cultivating the desire to learn. Self-directed learning recognizes that the desire of the individual determines successful education versus presenting subjects based strictly on age or grade level. Choosing to learn something is a direct result of the desire to do so.
By trusting kids to choose the classes they want to take, we are able to stay true to our principle of self-directed learning. It also allows space for our member families to make their own choices regarding their personal approach to homeschooling, as not all of our members are self-directed learning families. 
Our inclusive and choice-based core make Open Skies Learning Community a dynamic part of the education revolution and an innovative education resource center!
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Our choice-based environment is designed to support self-directed learners and allows us to be an appealing community for many types of homeschooling families. 

  • Self-directed learners or unschoolers who enjoy multi-age range, experiential learning in a choice-based environment offering opportunities for self-governance and leadership.

  • Conventional homeschoolers who are looking for enrichment classes and activities.

  • Families new to homeschooling who want to be a part of a community for support, inspiration and social opportunities.

  • Road-school, world-school, traveling families who want a flexible membership option with a home base community.

  • Families with children of varying ages who want to be in the same place at the same time taking their own classes & activities.

  • Families who are interested in belonging to a large and diverse community of people with many opportunities to learn and play.